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iTRACE Question Manager set to go live in March '13
The latest Plug-in for iTRACE lets you get creative with your questionnaires and put all the power of flexible online surveys at your fingertips.
iBase gets ‘lean and green’ with Memset®
iBase have chosen Memset® as the new hosting provider for iTRACE, for more information click here
iTRACE Online Product Demonstration
Check out our online product demonstration for the iTRACE software including an overview of the main functionality such as audits & surveys, reporting and mapping, accompanied with screenshots click here
New Case Studies
Durham & Darlington use Local Sustainable Transport Funding to achieve real change in the provision of public transport.
West Yorkshire uses iTRACE Group Audit Plug-In to survey on mass 800+ workplace sites.
To download these case studies click here

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Transport for London

The ability to easily monitor the effectiveness of behavioural change initiatives is essential to the evaluation of programs and expenditure in terms of both travel behaviour and return on investment. iTRACE is playing a crucial role in the LSTF program by providing a standardised monitoring platform for 25% of the bodies that submitted successful bids.

In the current economic climate proving the worth of sustainable transport planning in both performance and economic terms is vital. Whether you’re a local practitioner and need to know what initiatives work or if you’re in central/regional government and need a more strategic understanding of the changing behaviour of the travelling public, you need an informed and tactical approach to the management of behavioural change interventions.

Join the 30% of UK local authorities which use iTRACE to monitor the performance of planning and voluntary travel plans at workplaces, schools and residential sites.

Originally rolled out in 2005, now available to Local Authorities throughout the UK. iTRACE uses the latest Internet technology - no software to install, just use your web browser.

iTRACE delivers:

  • Sophisticated mapping & database technology
  • Fast & simple access to information including adding and editing details
  • Geo-location of organisations on a map
  • Easy attachment of documents & related data to sites
  • Predefined reports
  • Analysis of individual Travel Plans against targets, planning conditions and obligations
  • Workplace access to Site Audit & Staff Survey tool
  • Groups Audit Plug-in allows survey to be triggered at many sites simultaneously
  • Online Site Audits
  • Online or paper based staff surveys
  • Question Manager Plug-in gives the power to get creative with questionnaires
  • A Standard methodology
  • Draft Travel Plan Reviews automatically

  • By ensuring that a robust, standardised approach is applied to the whole Travel Plan process, iTRACE will for the very first time allow like for like comparisons on Travel Plan data – from one year to the next, from one organisation to the next, from one borough/LA to the next. iTRACE is the national benchmark for data collection, management and reporting.

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